Eight Birth Days of Burmese Astrology

Myanmar Zodiac Painting from Ancient Bagan


Unlike Western astrology, the Myanmar astrology system has only eight signs. Known as Mahabote, this zodiac employs eight signs in a seven-day week, with each sign representing its own day, cardinal direction, planet (celestial body) and animal. Ancient Buddhist monks created the system using observations of the skies and animal kingdoms. Eight is considered a sacred number, said to reflect harmony in energy, deflect imbalance, and perpetuate balance within the universe.

In order to have one extra day, Wednesday is split in half: morning and afternoon.

Sunday – Garuda
Monday – Tiger
Tuesday – Lion
Wednesday AM – Tucked Elephant
Wednesday PM – Tuskless Elephant
Thursday – Rat
Friday – Guinea Pig
Saturday – Dragon (Naga)

Astrology plays a very important role in Myanmar society.  Most people know their sign get advice from astrologers on significant life events, including the naming of children. At important temples there are small shrines dedicated to each day of the week where people offer the Buddha flowers or water while praying for good luck and health.

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