Travel is one of my favorite sources of inspiration, but it can be found anywhere. A morning walk, a visit to the library, perusing social media.  But especially books.

Here is a small fraction of the books I regularly reference.

The Foreigner’s Confession

  • Brother Number One – David Chandler
  • Voices from S-21 – David Chandler
  • Gecko Tails – Carol Livingston
  • Facing the Torturer – François Bizot
  • Beyond the Horizon: Five Years with the Khmer Rouge – Laurence Picq

The Worth of a Ruby

  • Burma, Rivers of Flavor – Naomi Duguid
  • Back to Mandalay: Burmese Life, Past and Present – Co & Bear Production Ltd
  • Burmese Days George Orwell
  • The Lacquer Lady – F. Tennyson Jesse
  • Nor Iron Bars a Cage – Ma Thanegi
  • The Native Tourist: In Search of Turtle Eggs – Ma Thanegi
  • Red Peacocks: Commentaries on Burmese Socialist Nationalism – edited by John H. Badgley & Aye Kyaw
  • Irrawaddy Tango – Wendy Law-Yone
  • Twilight Over Burma: My Life as a Shan Princess – Inge Sargent
  • The River of Lost Footsteps: Histories of Burma – Thant Myint – U
  • Burmese Looking Glass: A Human Rights Adventure and a Jungle Revolution – Edith T. Mirante